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to helping developing countries to take action, through the transfer of funds, and the right kind of technology. but what we are seeing here in doha are many developed countries leaving the kyoto protocol, and joining the united states, who had left some time ago, and the remaining members in the kyoto protocol are putting forward emission reduction figures that are too low -- something like 20% for europe, which they have already achieved. so the system we started with in bali, five years ago, that developed countries would cut emissions by 5% to 20%, a similar effort under the convention. >> the u.s. did not sign onto the kyoto protocol? >> under bush, they agreed they would do similar to would be to recall program -- joke part of all members would do -- tkyoto protocol but never signed on. now each country puts forward whenever it can do, and that will not be challenged. this is not based on science. as a result we have very low emissions coming from developed countries, which means they are showing a bad example to developing countries who would want to do more, but seeing tha
action. >> what about the suggestion that some mubarak supporters might be acprovoking the things on the street? >> that is an accusation by the government against his opponents. the opposition say president morsi is acting like mubarak and he says the opposition has remnants of the old regime and is stirring up trouble, but there's no evidence to support that. >> any more demonstrations planned for the weekend? >> the weekend is a long way away. we will take its hour by hour. the opposition of threatened another march on the presidential palace this afternoon. and there's the ultimatum from the republican guard. we will have to see how that goes. >> the army planning to clear the protesters within the next 57 minutes. thank you very much. 350 people have been killed by typhoon bopha in the southern philippines. another 400 missing. much of the damage seems to have been concentrated in eastern minden now. aid workers are still trying to get to the most isolated areas. -- eastern mindenau. >> three years old, yet a survivor of the storm with speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. he wa
problem that will require a complex solution. no single piece of legislation, no single action will fully address the problem. >> in the aftermath of the newtown massacre, a number of pro-and lawmakers are signaling a new willingness to soften opposition to restrictions on weapons. senator joe manchin of west virginia, a longtime advocate of so-called gun rights, said when it comes to gun control, "everything should be on the table." virginia senator mark warner said he would back a stricter rules, calling the massacre a game changer. senate majority leader harry reid said the massacre will prompt tictac meaningful conversation and thoughtful debate about how to change laws and culture that allow violence to grow." in a statement, democratic congress member of kentucky apologized for being "largely silent on the issue of gun violence," adding "i am not sorry for that as i am for what happened to the families who lost so much." at a news conference, new york mayor and gun control advocate michael bloomberg urged meaningful action from washington. >> gun violence is a national epidemic a na
the government action. in the letter, okamura said japan's participation is essentially to make the hopes of people reflected. he called on abe to beef up the competitiveness of the country's farming sector. one of the industries that could be affected by the tpp. some members of the ruling liberal democratic party have voiced opposition to japan's participation in the tpp talks. about 100 members opposing the tpp held a meeting on friday. they said japan's participation could hurt agriculture and health care and insurance. leader of the group said the party should keep its election pledge that it will not accept an accord that would require partners to lift import tariffs without exception. that is all for me. it's back to the main news with gene otani. gene. >> japanese media report is casting doubt on chinese claims to the senkaku islands in the east china sea. chinese government recognized the islands as part of japan in a document more than 60 years ago. the wire service obtained a copy of a draft outline on territorial issues for a peace treaty with japan. the draft was produced in
.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president obama has vowed to take action against gun violence in the united states following the shooting rampage that left 27 people dead, including 20 young children, in newtown, connecticut. all of the children are aged 6 and 7. the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza, shot his mother dead at their home before driving to the sandy hook elementary school and forcing his way inside. armed with high-powered rifle, two handguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, lanza shot up to first grade classrooms before taking his own life as police arrived at the scene. lanza still had hundreds of additional rounds of ammo and another weapon in his car, suggesting he would carry out more shootings had the police not closed again. 12 of the victims were girls, eight were boys. all six of the adult victims were women. the school victims all appeared to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds. connecticut's chief medical examiner, dr. wayne carver, called the crime scene the worst he had ever witnessed. >> i have been at this for a third of a century, and my sensi
of that 40 minutes. that somehow when it comes to action, you par. extraordinary. >> well thank you very very much. that was a very logistically challenging sequence to shoot, but fascinating. i mean obviously. >> rose: why fascinating. >> why fascinating. because just learning about the methodology how the special forces operate. for instance you know the way they move, there's a kind of methodical nature to the way they move, very careful, very considered. and having to shoot in a quote/unquote low light condition because it was meant to be a moonless night. so we were shooting, we decided, we opted for a digital format in order to do that. we also used real night vision lenses that we put on to the lens themselves. so then we had to go into of no light conditions so that those lenses would operate, they would operate, you know, to the best of their ability. so that was basically we had to figure out all the logistics, all the choreography. we built that compound from the ground up, and it had to be built with a really pretty serious foundation because of the black helicopters and the roto
cannot wait that long. >> the climate system simply cannot wait for action until after 2020. in doha, we have the opportunity to raise barr for negotiations. those without kyoto targets, developed and developing countries, must implement their changes responsibly. those who have not pledged anything yet should do so. new partnerships of those willing to accelerate beyond their pledges should be encouraged and tracked. >> we are joined by two guests at the qatar national convention center where they say 10,000 people have gathered over the past few days. i have to say, it seems so much smaller than the summit's over the last few years. durban is where kumi naidoo is from, executive director of greenpeace international. samantha smith is also with us, leader of the world wildlife fund global climate and energy initiative. kumi naidoo, the two of you held a news conference, along with a few others, which got some attention. you are calling on u.s. climate negotiators to step down. why? >> when president obama made his election victory speech, he broke his silence on climate change, what it
. if this moment passes in to memory without action from washington, it will be a stain upon our nation's commitment to protecting the innocence innocent including our children. >> rose: i'm pleased to have mayor bloomberg back at this table. >> thank you for having me. >> rose: on "meet the press" yesterday, at a press conference today you believe that the time is now, that this is the moment to act, and at the same time you are chastising the president for-- i believe the time was a long time ago, the president gave a speech after the massacre in a-- aurora, colorado, saying we have to do something. here we are two years later, another 21,000 people in america killed with guns. we've done nothing. i mean, you know, i don't know at what point you have to say enough is enough. we've been killing 34 americans every single day. that's bigger than virginia tech. every single day. and you done cover it because it's 34 separate occurrences around the country. and it doesn't grab the public's imagination, psyche, sympathy, there's just-- you don't get a visceral reaction when it's people you
in chief, not the consoler in chief. he talked about immediate action. we need it, even if he doesn't win if getting it through congress, at least he should stand up and say this is what i believe, this is the law that should be passed. i am going to send it to congress, and if they don't vote it isn't that i am not going to have tried at least. but to be afraid of sending anything because he's to the going to win, that's ridiculous. >> rose: do you think that's the reason he hasn't followed up on his instincts? >> you got to ask him. you know, i don't know. i'm disappointed that he has not. i was disa pointed in mitt romney. mitt romney when he was governor of massachusetts had passed and signed an assault weapon ban. and then when he ran for the republican nomination totally went in the other direction and never went back during the general election. and i said in pie endorsement, i would have seriously considered mitt romney if he had just kept the values that he had when he was governor rdz if you talked to the president since this awful thing happened in connecticut. >> no, no, i hav
good in film. like we're not forgotten. >> liam neeson flourishing most recently as an action star at the age of 60 maintains that the older people have been underserved by the hollywood people. >> they see this demographics and are making films for 15-year-olds up to 25-year-olds. and beyond 30 it's like well, forget about it. >> despite such things, the studio maintains that the older people do figure in their calculations. >> older audiences are avid movie goers, they grew up with that habit and they like to go to the theater. so yeah, they're an important part. >> the supply of movies catering to older people continue. partly because for movie going audience appears to be getting older. last year in the u.s., the number of teenagers going to the cinema declined. while admissions among older people increased. this may reflect the 78 million strong baby boom generation moving into retirement and having time to go more often. and films that are resonating with older audiences are winning awards. just last week it made it on for best foreign language film, oscar. >> yep, turn the m
, although they were deadlocked on matters. religious groups advocated for action on the fiscal cliff and other issues. a coalition of religious leaders, law enforcement and business people urged lawmakers to prioritize immigration reform. the group included both liberal and conservative clergy who called for legislation that respects the dignitiy of immigrants and creates a pathway to citizenship and secures the border. >> it's time to secure on you values, values that include, faith and hope and charity. >> jewish groups are divided over israel's plans to construct new settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem. the controversial announcement came a day after the united nations voted last week to recognize palestine as a nonmember state. the union for reformed judaism called is a challenge, but it denounced the u.n. vote as counter-productive to peace. >>> a prominent group of orthodox rabbis meanwhile voiced its support for israel's decision. >>> in a letter released by the vet c vatican this week, the pope issued new rules for charities that identify themselves as catholic. h
of japan. he's putting his words into action. shinzo abe has gotten straight to the point with bank of japan governor. the ldp leader made a direct push for the bank to aim for a higher inflation target. boj governor visited ldp headquarters on tuesday. during their meeting abe urged him to consider setting up policy accord for 2% inflation target after the new administration is established. he declined to elaborate on his discussion with abe. the central bank's policy meeting starts from wednesday. abe repeatedly called for bold monetary easing during his election campaign to help defeat deflation but the boj governor stressed the central bank has been providing the largest amount of market liquidity among advanced countries, implying the boj has already taken sufficient monetary easing. abe told business leaders he plans to pull through on promises and pull japan out of inflation. >> translator: we have to beat deflation, curb the strong yen and grow jobs. we'll do anything to grow the japanese economy. i deeply believe reviving the economy will lead to a stronger japan. >> member
the action and the inside. there is no thought that is going to set you free. it will be a spirit of waking back up and going, wow. tavis: i love it. it simplifies what so many of us struggle with, just trying to find a way to have a prayer life. i have decided, after talking to you so many times over the years, it is best to go right to your work. you write so powerfully and beautifully. from the help section, "there is freedom in hitting bottom, in seeing that you won't be able to save for rescue your daughter, her spouse, his parents, or your career, relief in admitting you reached a place of great on knowing. this is a restoration can begin a because when you're still in the state of fixing the unfixable, everything that is engaged." >> it is so abusive to try to do that, too. everyone is on their heroes journey, but people don't need to be saved a rescue, especially by a tired grandmother trying to nag them and to be saving a different way. -- into behaving a different way. when someone has screwed up or come up empty, they are teachable. that is when i am. tavis: do we have to hit bot
is insidious, but no one has seen him in action. we have an image of him, but no one has seen him in private, so everyone has fantasy. >> it is a debate about male and female, rich against poor, western domination, and submission. all inspired by what the director said was one of the most emblematic news stories of our times. >> when we think of him walking out of that prison in new york, everyone remembers where they were when it happened. it affected us all, everyone, almost as much as september the 11th. >> in the play we never do find out what happened. it all finishes rather oddly. >> then again, in real life we will never know either. in return for a lot of money, the civil charges against him have been dropped. in real life and the play, the truth remains an enigma. ♪ >> this is "gmt" from "bbc world news." headlines, the south african president has been reelected leader of their national congress, virtually guaranteeing him another five years in power. gunmen shot down five women working on a polio vaccination campaign in pakistan. pakistani leaders have previously said that it was
, walmart, is expanded to 28 stores in 12 states. organizers describe the action as the first retail workers' strike in walmart's history. >> i work in the warehouse in illinois. the conditions are terrible. a lot of safety issues, broken equipment that was not getting repaired. they would push us to work at a rate that makes it even more unsafe. we finally just had enough. we started to organize, we started a petition, just asking for basic rights. manager refused to take it, so that was the final straw. that was it and we walked out that day. >> from denver, colorado, this is a democracy now! special broadcast, expanding the debate. >> what i am most concerned about is having a serious discussion about what we need to do to keep the country growing and restore security for hard- working americans. that is what people will be listening for, that is the debate you desert. >> my record is out there, proud of it. if people want someone who understands how the economy works, having worked in the economy, i am the best person to post up against barack obama. >> these two parties have a strangleh
should come from any source other than from individual human beings. i would get rid of political action committee money, political party money, labor union money, corporate money. you know, i would go down to small amounts that are instantly reported, all transparent. i think we have to do that, because it is this money pouring in -- what comes out at the end is not representative of what the american people want. you know, the system gets skewed by these super influences, you know, whether it's the president pacs and the democratic's party pacs and the super pacs or the republican party super pacs, that's got to change. >> well, no ideas can make it as long as we're in the grip of an undemocratic process which determines who's going to make those decisions. >> one of the lines in my book is that all i'm trying to do here is put democracy back into our democracy. what our founders did that was exceptional was they decided, "we are not going to be subjects. we're going to be citizens. so, instead of the government telling us what to do, we'll tell the government what to do." and that onl
to you and you have to read the tea leaves in trying to divine what their actions might be. >> people want to make a choice, they want to say let's focus on the current problem, less on the future. so other people say let's focus on the future and not so much on the current problem and unfortunately we don't have that option, that's just not with the role the united states plays today. >> ultimately defending the country with less money will mean rethinking what defense really is. >> the old-fashioned establishment of national security still thinks that the world is all about nation-state conflicts. so climate change doesn't rank high, energy scarcity doesn't rank high, resource generally, global health issues. even financial management after 2008 still ranks far below the sort of old-fashioned, you know, country-versus-country conflict issues. that's changing, but it's changing slowly. >> i think we can move to manage a lot of these big problems. we won't solve them all. some are not solvable right now. um, but i think the best we can do is manage them. move them to the high ground o
to be free of unreasonable search and seizure, the demand that any action taken to get information about people should be subject to a warrant, that it not be subject to just any fbi agent determining this is information they want on that person. this is bad news. >> congressmember kucinich, not just what do you say to your natural opponents, the republicans in congress, but to our allies, a democratic congress members who you almost , and many of these cases from drones to fisa, a pose as much as the republicans? what message you have for them as you leave congress? >> we have seen a bridge created between democrats and republicans on the issue of liberty and being free from the all seeing eye of big brother. congressman paul together and i -- and i were together on many of these issues of surveiling the american people. it no longer is a democrat or republican issue. it goes much deeper than that. in a way, these debates we're having right now in washington show the limitations of our two- party system. the two-party system itself is failing the american people, that there really are n
in europe, where right now, europe is quiet and all the action is in the united states, my european friends, policy friends are thrilled that they are not on tv in the united states, that everybody is worried about the fiscal cliff, but europe is still a mess, i mean governor, of the central bank governor mario grogy just kind of said let there be money and that provided liquidity and protection but it hasn't provided the fundamental change in europe. that still, you know, is simmering beneath the surface. i think in the united states, this immediate political shenanigans will get cleaned up, the fiscal cliff, but what i worry is that we won't see a big reform and that is really what i would like to see. we can look across to china also, there is a change in leadership, their economy is stabilized but you talk about bubbles, there is a lot of signs of them in china, and you can say that, you know, it is nothing, they will still grow but there are plenty of concerns around the world. i am hopeful the united states will stabilize housing will continue to strengthenness, employment will stabil
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)